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Breaking News: Who's Who Legal Sports & Entertainment Divorce Shocks the Legal Community

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

In what has been described as the legal publication equivalent of the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorce, long term partners 'Sports and Entertainment' have officially parted ways causing shock to the international legal community.

Sports and Entertainment, who have been together at Who's Who Legal for as long as we can remember (at least 2013), have announced their divorce. In a joint statement, the pair stated that the split was amicable however sources close to them suggest that the recent growth of e-sports and gaming may be to blame.

Sports hasn't wasted any time and has already publically announced its new partner 'Gaming' on the front page of Who's Who Legal Sports & Gaming 2021, which was released last week on 25 October. Sports, the more mature partner, identifies over 300 sports lawyers across the sports industry whereas Gaming, the new entrant on the legal directory scene, highlights 115 leading gaming lawyers in the international marketplace. Only 7 lawyers from the GCC have made it onto the prestigious list with 3 located in Qatar and 4 in the UAE (including our very own Joby Beretta).

There has been intense media speculation about 'Entertainment' having rekindled its relationship with both 'Telecoms and Media', and we understand that they may be going public next year with the launch of the legal directory love triangle 'Who's Who Legal Telecoms, Media & Entertainment 2022'.

A TMT Partner from a Big Law firm, who wishes to remain anonymous, commented "It's difficult to keep up with who is with who in Who's Who Legal".

Neither Sports nor Entertainment were available for comment.

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